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Andres and Delfina

Stanley C. Brown

Sonoran-born Delfina Mazon and Andres Moreno are in the vanguard of pioneer settlers in Arizona Territory. He was a vaquero and Indian fighter with the Arizona Volunteers, making the first military forays into the forbidden area known as Apacheria. After mustering out of the army he emigrated to the frontier town of Cebolleta, New Mexico, where he met Delfina.

Andres and Delfina emigrate to the Little Colorado River in Arizona, with dreams of owning their own ranch. They help to establish the beginnings of St. John Arizona. The dream is shattered when their squatter’s rights are sold out from under them. However, in spite of hardship and loss they, they become respected citizens of Globe, Arizona, and raise a family of seven children who were destined to become movers and shakers in Arizona in the decades just before statehood. The story concludes with a twist of fate that changes everything for the Moreno family.

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